How It Works


Stop at the Customer Prep area and scrub your bugs.

  • We provide the water, soap, sponges, and brushes so you can be sure the bugs are off your ride before entering the car wash.
  • Truck owners should remove any loose items in your truck bed at this point as well.


Proceed to the pay stations and select your favorite wash.


Proceed to the tunnel entrance, where you will be loaded onto the car wash conveyor!

  • Once on the conveyor, be sure your car is in neutral, your foot is off the brake, and your hands are off the steering wheel.
  • Turn off any automatic windshield wipers!


Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as our state-of-the-art car wash cleans, shines, and dries your ride with the latest technology!


Once you reach the end of the car wash tunnel, look for the stop and go light just outside the tunnel.

  • When it flashes green to go, please put your car back in drive and exit the tunnel.


Proceed to the Free Vacuum area just to the left of the tunnel exit and find a comfortable shaded parking bay to use.


Enjoy all the amenities we offer in the Vacuum bay lanes listed on the other side of this card to put the finishing touches on your clean shiny ride!