Splash Client Testimonials 

What Our Clients Are Saying...

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"I am the person who had the overspray on the black Aurora last week. You all took great care of me, though the hotel did not come through, I am just happy to have my car looking so spectacular! Thank you for the excellent personal service and especially for the quality of work on my car."

Peggy H., Eau Claire, WI

"Recently I brought in my 2008 Honda for the full service detail to get the stains out of the carpet. Well, not only did they get all of the coffee, juice, etc. stains out of the carpet, the full detail package made the entire car look like brand new! I never thought that my nearly 4 year old Accord could look that good! You and the staff have done a fantastic job on my car and I will certainly be back with my husband's car when it needs to same treatment. Thank you so much".

Jennifer M., Port Orange

"I want to thank you for repairing my sunglass holder that was accidentally damaged during one of my cas washes. You promptly ordered the part, installed it in minutes and gave me a free Platinum car wash to boot!!

Today, I took my car in for that free car wash and had time to observe your team. Splash Car Wash is nothing short of a top notch operation. All of your staff is friendly and cheerful, the showroom/bathrooms are clean and inviting, and the attention given to the cars by the detailers is outstanding. My car looks beautiful!"

Kelly B., Port Orange

"I was recently at your business and was given such wonderful service, [that] I couldn't let the opportunity to acknowledge it pass.

I brought is an old car, (rusted roof, body damage and terribly dirty) to your businss around 15 minutes before closing. I was greeted by a young man who was especially helpful and had a very positive attitude. I apologized for the fact that I was bringing a car in that was in bad condition to be cleaned so close to closing time. I was assured by the staff there, that it was no problem and they began working to clean the car. Each person I was in contact with had a professional attitude and was more than uncommonly courteous."

Deborah M., Port Orange

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the professionalism, courtesy and service quality of all your staff members. With a professional and knowledgeable staff, your business provides a high-quality service that any owner or manager would be proud of any any customer would gladly come back to.

Thank you for provided excellent service and a wonderfull staff. Keep it up!"

Bryant R., Port Orange

"I want you to know the reason why I use Splash Car Wash. Not only is my car always sparkling clean, I am extremely impressed with your staff.

From where you drive up, and they take your order, to the cashier who collect monies, but especially the young men and ladies who are doing the really hard work of cleaning my car. They are always so caring and courteous and wanting to make sure my car is just right. Please continue to keep up the good work. I really appreciate the services I receive from Splash Car Wash."

Veronica H., New Smyrna Beach

"Your staff is to be commended as they are always professional, customer oriented and very caring in their service. Customers are always made to feel that they are number one! You, your staff and Splash Car Wash are most assuredly an asset to our community."

Frank & Anne B., Port Orange

"Splash Car Wash always provides impeccable and efficient service. All of the hard working employees do an outstanding performance on my vehicles. They are 100% dependable and pay meticulous attention to detail."

Joe L., Port Orange

"On behalf of the owners/residents of Harbour Village, we wish to thank you for your support of our 1st Annual HV Golf League Play-offs on April 13th where your 'prizes' were awarded..
Thanks to your generous support, we were able to end the league on a high note."

John E., 
HV Golf League Commisioner
Ponce Inlet

Joe L., Port Orange

"I would like to thank you for your generous donation to the Ponce Inlet Corvette Club Annual Car Show to benefit 'Speediatrics' at Halifax Medical Health and [the] Halifax Human Society.

On behalf of the Corvette Club and our sponsored charities, we truly apprecite your generosity as we strive in our mission to provide support to our community.

Larry P.,